Syntax for Creating a New Contact Object for a Response Group

So you want to deploy some hunt groups or IVR’s, however when you open the RGS site you don’t have any contact objects to start with.  Here’s a quick look at how we can create these objects.  I’ve create the syntax below based on the following criteria (you can replace the highlighted info with your specific info and use right away).

Pool FQDN: ocsfe.ocs.lab

Display Name: AcmeAfterHours

Display Numbers: +5135671115

Primary URI: acmeafterhous@ocs.lab

Line URI: 115

RGSCOT /create /PoolFQDN:ocsfe.ocs.lab /DisplayName:AcmeAfterHours /DisplayNumber:+5135671115 /PrimaryUri:sip:acmeafterhours@ocs.lab /LineUri:tel:+115

By the way this command can be run from “%Program Files%\Common File\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2”


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