Forwarding calls to an outside number from Response Groups

***Update 8/13/2009***

After reading Doug L’s post and discussing with him, I tested this again and found Doug’s explanation to be right on.  I’m removing the link to the workaround as I feel it’s a better idea to correct the configuration issue.  Have a look at Doug’s post here:

Thanks Doug and everyone who downloaded the original work around guide!


If you’ve used Response Groups in OCS 2007 R2 like I’ve had, you’ve probably found out the hard way that you can’t forward a call to an outside line.   What in the world would you want to do that for you ask?  Simple, say you have a 24/7 help desk that utilizes an answering service to cover calls outside of 8×5.  Let’s complicate the issue further by saying that you want customers/users to have to choose to be forwarded by pressing a digit for “emergency issues”.

It’s not the most intuitive thing in the world to accomplish, but I’ve got a real life working scenario of this in place right now servicing one of my company’s customers.  Let’s have a look at how we can accomplish this.

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3 Responses to Forwarding calls to an outside number from Response Groups

  1. Hey Kevin,
    Thanks for the writeup. One question for you: I’ve not had any trouble forwarding calls to outside numbers. I’ve gone into the “timeout” tab and selected the “telephone number” radio button. I then enter the outside # I want the calls to go to (e.g.

    That’s done the trick for me. Have you also tried that and had it not work?


  2. Doug Lawty says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I just posted a possible reason for the failure to place an outside call from a response group. Having to create a separate enterprise voice user with a forwarding rule shouldn’t be necessary.

    It would be interesting to know if your Default Policy is empty and if that is what causes the failure as described in this post:


    • Kevin Peters says:

      Hey Doug, thanks for the link.

      I actually do have my “Default Policy” specified to use “Default Usage”, and under “Routes” I have my “Default Usage” specified under “Phone Usages”. I’ve heard from a few other folks that they haven’t had problems with this, and from the number of hits this particular article has had since posting, I’m guessing a good number have. I worked with Dave H on it for a bit and he was able to replicate it and wasn’t aware of a fix. So I wrote the article as a work around just in case anyone else ran into it. I’d be happy to discuss further, feel free to email me kevin at this and we can discuss further.



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