Something I don’t talk about often – Licensing…

So I’ve found myself with some very useful information I’d like to share with everyone.  This is not a normal topic for me, but I see a benefit to discussing *gasp* LICENSING!


Alright, now that the theatrics are out of the way, why would you (the technical folks) care about licensing?   For the folks in consulting, this is an opportunity to help your customers get in before additional costs are required for the same functionality, and for those who are on the purchasing side, this gives you a good opportunity to get a cost break on the functionality you use now (or will be implementing very shortly).

With Wave 14 (OCS 2010) we have been hearing a lot of talk about a new CAL* added to the CAL list.  This new V CAL will be specifically for voice and will be an additive to the E CAL.  The real benefit of purchasing now is if you purchase OCS and your CALs with SA** before FY 2009 ends for Microsoft (June 30th 2009) you will automatically be grandfathered in to the new program and receive the Voice CAL for Wave 14 and Wave 15 of OCS.  I haven’t seen pricing yet on the VCAL, but knowing it will be an additive CAL (just like the E CAL), it certainly will save you some cash to get your CALs now.
There is also something new worth discussing in R2 licensing, no more External Connector required!  What does that mean for you?  Any un-authenticated connections to OCS like Live Meetings with external contacts, or IM and audio calls with external (or federated) contacts no longer require a CAL. This gives you even more cost savings against other web based meeting products. 


Ok, licensing spiel over, I felt like I was in sales there for a minute….


* Client Access License – the piece of paper that says your clients are allowed to use that feature.

**Software Assurance – Info Here  


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