Mediation Server Fix to Allow Display Name May Break Outbound Calling…

Let’s start with a statement about this post:  THIS IS NOT AN OCS PROBLEM  🙂

With the July hotfix Microsoft introduced the ability to add Display Names sent from the PSTN in the toast in MOC.  There is a link for this at the bottom of the post, why the bottom you ask?  Because you need to make sure your telco will accept this behavior and read my blog before you turn this on, that’s why! 

Now who wouldn’t want to turn this handy dandy feature on right away you ask?  Well if your telco happens to be like one of the Cincinnati area telco’s the answer might just be you.

So, after installing this update, and creating our MediationServerSvc.exe.config file, I restarted the mediation service and everything seemed just fine.  However, after a bit of testing what did we find?  We couldn’t dial out from OCS!  So I pulled a syslog from my trusty audio codes M1k and see the error immediately.


What this tells us is the Telco doesn’t like what were sending.  So I pull the config file, restart the Med service and test again and everything is working.  In comparing the logs of the 2 calls I see one major difference in the call:

“Display=John Smith” is populated in the call that failed but not in the working call.  A quick call to the telco verifies that they can’t accept any characters in the “Display” field.  On the audio codes we can turn this off if we want, but it turns it off inbound as well, so the easiest thing to do is leave it out of the config on the mediation server.

OK, so scroll down to get the link, but make sure your telco will support you sending this info, or test off hours.

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