A Handy Link for Testing Certificates

Today while troubleshooting a Live Meeting problem for a client I utilized a very helpful website that I used in the past but forgot about.  As the issues appeared to be certificate related I went out to a site I had been too when working with digicert before:  http://www.digicert.com/help/

I popped in the URL for my web conferencing edge and was immediately notified that the certificate didn’t match the name it was supposed.  A quick sanity check brings me to the edge server, where I discover the IP addresses for A/V Edge and Web Conferencing Edge are flip-flopped  (it worked a few months back, but some changes had been made).  Here is what the site returns when testing the access edge at my company:


Notice, I put “:5061” after the server name, this is necessary to test certificate based services that aren’t listening on port 443. 

Next for fun, let’s see what happens when the name we enter (or IP in this case) doesn’t match the certificates Subject Name:


This is a handy tool for quick sanity checks and testing your certificates.  Happy testing!


*edited 9/10/2009 to make the screen shots easier to read*

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