PCMS Best Practices Seminar – shameless self promotion

For those of you in the southern Ohio area this seminar may be of interest.  My company (PCMS) will be holding our annual best practices seminar October 29th, 2009 at the Cintas Center.  This years seminar features presentations from a number of our partners (Microsoft, Symantec, VM Ware) and yours truly will be co-presenting on UC with Travis Swank from Microsoft.  

Aside from the presentations we will also have a demo room where you can get a hands on look at OCS 2007 R2, SharePoint, Windows 7 and other technologies.  The demo room will include hands on utilization of OCS devices such as round tables, tanjays, catalinas and a number of other devices.  If you’re interested in attending please hit this link or email marketing@itadvisorgroup.com with your details.  You can also download the invitation from here for more detail.

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My name is Kevin Peters.
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3 Responses to PCMS Best Practices Seminar – shameless self promotion

  1. J. Lane says:

    You guys had a nice demo. I especially liked that you video conferenced back to the office. It was a good seminar overall (they usually are). I still think the best one was when the keynote was the lawyer (can’t remember the name, I think the topic was data archiving/recovery and liability?). That guy was funny and profane – my kinda speaker.

  2. Kevin Peters says:

    Thanks Jeff, I remember hearing about that preso but didn’t get to see it. I had fun in the demo, it was nice having all the functionality to show off, we also had folks over in the demo room (also going over the internet at Cintas Center) connecting to a live meeting with a round table. The demo rooms were happening as well, lots of folks checking out OCS, Sharepoint 2010 and Win 7. Did you get to see everything you wanted to?

    Another person I spoke with reminded me of last years event, we had a fun demo in my preso where I let a sales guy build an RODC on core. We stop-watched him to see if he could beat my wife’s time (she did the dry run through to make sure my script was right). I try to keep it interesting…

  3. J. Lane says:

    Yes, we got back to the demo room and saw the round table video conference phone. The SP 2010 table was pretty crowded when I was in there so I didn’t get to see much of that.

    It sounds like last year’s event was fun (too bad I missed that one). No pressure on that sales guy, right?

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