Introducing the OCSGuy_QuickUI

This is a utility I wrote to provide a GUI for common power shell tasks.  This is a version 1 utility and I do expect to update it semi-frequently.  The entire utility is included in a single .ps1 file and does not require an install; it should be run from a Lync server, though.   Please feel free to download the utility, unzip it, take a quick look at the very short readme and give it a try.  If you’d like to see a new feature or find a bug, please feel free to comment below.  Please be patient as I will be adding features and fixing bugs in my spare time.

The current features include:

Install Lync 2010 Pre-requisites for Server 2008 R2

Export Topology File for Edge Installation

Upload Phone Firmware

Create a Reverse Proxy Certificate Request (Web Services Certificate)

Enable Meeting Join from Legacy Client

Enable Attendee Download Link on the Meeting Entry Page

Enable Lync Federation with Office 365

Enable 720P Video with MSN/Live – (Global Policy Only)

Increase the Number of Distribution Lists Allowed in Contact List – (Global Policy Only)

Download Here

Thanks to a few folks are in order for assisting me with writing this.

Adam Curry

Pat Richard

Nick Nelson


About Kevin Peters

My name is Kevin Peters.
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7 Responses to Introducing the OCSGuy_QuickUI

  1. Matt Sims says:

    SUPER cool, Kevin!!!

  2. Very Cool! Will give it a go.


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  4. Adam Curry says:

    Kevin put a ton of time into this project. I will now thank him by using it and spreading the gospel.

  5. Amazing job, Very Nice Tool!!!

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