Using the Analog Device Creation Script

Last week I launched a new script on the script center to bulk create analog devices in Lync.  This script uses a source CSV file (reference file included in the download) to create a large (or small) number of analog devices.  The zip also includes a “readme” detailing how to run the script, but in case it wasn’t clear, I wanted to cover a few of the fields in this article.

The first field I want to cover is the “LineURI” field.  This field is used to establish the phone number of the analog device.  Once the analog device object has a number listed here, Lync will use that number to route to it (via the analog gateway or ATA).  It is important to include the “tel:+” in this field, followed by the full number, without any spaces, dashes or periods. For example, the number 513-555-1212 would be entered as shown below:

Next, we have the “Gateway” field. This one can either be the name or IP address of the analog gateway that the analog device is plugged into, not your PSTN gateway. For example, if my analog gateway was, I would enter it as show below:

Finally, I want to cover the “OU” field.  This field defines which OU in your domain the analog device object will be created in.  For example, lets say I have an OU named “LyncAnalogDevices” in my AD domain, “contoso.local”:

I would populate the “OU” field entry with “ou=LyncAnalogDevices,dc=contoso,dc=local”.

Other than those items I think the readme covers everything but if you have questions feel free to post them here.


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