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Push Notification Fails with a 504 Server Time Out

While troubleshooting push notification failure issues with a client, I found an interesting problem.  The client had already configured the SRV record as required (, and disabled the URL filtering as required (, but push notification was still failing with … Continue reading

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Lync Mobility Server Side Bits Available

Quick update, the MCX package is now available from Microsoft.  These bits along with CU4 allow you to turn on Lync mobile client functionality.  The client bits will be available on the appstores/mareketplaces for the phone some time before the end … Continue reading

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Lync Hardware Load Balancer Monitoring Port

If you are using a hardware load balancer, it will do periodic health checks for Lync to make sure it is distributing the load to servers that are functioning.  Because of the checks, you may end up with a large … Continue reading

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Using the Analog Device Creation Script

Last week I launched a new script on the script center to bulk create analog devices in Lync.  This script uses a source CSV file (reference file included in the download) to create a large (or small) number of analog … Continue reading

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Script Center

Hi All, I’ve added a script center (link in the bar above) to the site and will be adding a number of new scripts shortly.  All scripts will have a transcript feature and will be digitally signed so hopefully they … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting CMS Replication

Like most of my other articles, this one comes from a real world scenario I had to solve.  While working with a client, we ran into two front end servers and an edge server that wouldn’t replicate.  The CMS was … Continue reading

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Southwestern Ohio UC Users Group

Hi All, A non-technical post for today.  Adam Curry, Travis Swank and I are working to start a UC Users Group based out of Cincinnati.  We have scheduled the first meeting and have a website live at The first … Continue reading

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