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A certificate gotcha that got me, again…

As everyone who’s ever looked at OCS knows, you need certificates to make it work. Although certificates aren’t really too difficult once you have the hang of it, they seem to be a tough hurdle for a lot of IT folks to get over. I’m not going to attempt to explain PKI today, but I thought I might share a story about a gotcha that got me, twice. Hopefully my pain (although it was only a few minutes of troubleshooting this time) will help someone else. Continue reading

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A Handy Link for Testing Certificates

Today while troubleshooting a Live Meeting problem for a client I utilized a very helpful website that I used in the past but forgot about. As the issues appeared to be certificate related I went out to a site I had been too when working with digicert before Continue reading

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Delay in call setup when using Response Groups and A/V with https Inspection

For the past few days I’ve been working with Microsoft on an issue with Response Group agents seeing a delay between when the click answer in MOC and when the call controls actually show up and audio starts…. Continue reading

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