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Logging on a Lync Enterprise Pool

Building a Lync Enterprise Pool allows you to protect your users and services in the event of hardware or software failure on one (or more) servers in your pool.  While this is great for redundancy, it can make troubleshooting a … Continue reading

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Group Policy configuration may break Presence for non contacts

Recently a client contacted me a after an OCS Enterprise implementation. The client noticed during their user training sessions that users could not see the Presence of other users when searching in communicator. The issue would resolve itself once the contact they were searching for added them to their contact list. Continue reading

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Event ID 87 in Exchange 2010 with OCS Integration

Recently while installing Exchange 2010 in a customer environment I ran into an error related to certificates when I tried to enable the OCS integration in OWA. The client had chosen Godaddy as their public CA of choice and as it turns out this played a role in causing the issue. Godaddy used a ” symbol in the issuer field of the certificate. Although it wouldn’t normally matter, it does when you are using that field in an XML config file, like the one used for IM integration with OWA/Exchange 2010. Continue reading

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One way messages with federated partner and ID 504 in Communicator

Since the blog I did on Live Meeting troubleshooting I have seen a lot of queries leading people to the site for troubleshooting OCS. I’ve also seen a ton of questions on the subject on the MS forums. All this has lead me to the conclusion that OCS troubleshooting isn’t that easy to get a handle on. With that in mind I’m writing this post on troubleshooting federation. First and foremost, this article is about troubleshooting a mistake I made during a deployment recently, and if you ask any PSS engineer they will tell you 80% of the problems they face with OCS are based on the same thing: human error/configuration error. As I said in my last troubleshooting post, I’m no expert on troubleshooting OCS, but hopefully this post will help someone out there. As always I encourage you to share your stories and methods if you think they may help someone else.
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What to do when your customer’s WAN is actually firewall to firewall VPN’s

Recently I began planning for a centralized deployment of OCS that would sit in one of 6 offices for a client we’ll call Acme Accounts. Acme will start out using OCS for IM, P2P audio/video and Live Meeting; eventually OCS will grow into a full blown enterprise voice solution. The first big hurdle for us when designing Acme’s OCS implementation was their “WAN”, instead of typical MPLS or point to point connections, Acme uses its internet connections and ASA firewalls in each location to create VPNs that allow traffic to route between sites. The latency created by this solution has never been an issue, but voice and video were never running over this connection either. Continue reading

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OCS Patches Released

Today a number of new patches were released including updates for OCSPE (Phone Edition), OCS and Communicator. Included in the Communicator update is a fix for the audio quality issue I wrote about here. As always please test all patches in a non-production environment. Continue reading

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A Handy Link for Testing Certificates

Today while troubleshooting a Live Meeting problem for a client I utilized a very helpful website that I used in the past but forgot about. As the issues appeared to be certificate related I went out to a site I had been too when working with digicert before Continue reading

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A workaround for folks experiencing quality issues when using MOC and Vista

After working with Microsoft for the passed few weeks on a significant audio quality issue we have found what’s causing the problem and a good workaround until a fix is released. Continue reading

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For all who are having audio quality issues with MOC and Vista, a request for input.

All, I currently have a case open with Microsoft around call quality issues when utilizing Vista and MOC.  These issues can occur with a Catalina or any other device that is connected to your PC.  We have found some interesting … Continue reading

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An Update to: Forwarding calls to an outside number from Response Groups

Doug L from Microsoft was nice enough to take a look at this issue and point out a possible cause and resolution.  After checking over an environment experiencing the problem I was able to verify his suggestions were right on.  … Continue reading

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