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Response Group Delay When Using Tanjay

At a recent deployment I ran into an issue with delays in response groups. This time it was a bit different than before, though. This time the delay was only 4 to 5 seconds from the time the agent picked up the phone until audio started, and the delay was only affecting Tanjays.

I started off with the standard stuff: SAN field on the edge server cert, access list on the router between subnets, CRL not valid or not accessible, checking the cert algorithm, etc…

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OCS Patches Released

Today a number of new patches were released including updates for OCSPE (Phone Edition), OCS and Communicator. Included in the Communicator update is a fix for the audio quality issue I wrote about here. As always please test all patches in a non-production environment. Continue reading

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Update on the extra ring on Tanjays

From the original article here, the new UCUpdates package released today addresses the issue. Here’s a KB from Microsoft detailing the issue.

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New Updates Released for OCS

For anyone who hasn’t seen them, a number of patches were released today by Microsoft. The patches have actually resolved a number of issues in a production environment I am working in today Continue reading

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Tanjay Phones with USB Connection

For everyone out there with the Tanjay style IP phones ( Nortel IP 8540 or Polycom CX700), this minor issue will have your users going crazy. If you provided your users with a USB cable to connect their Tanjay and their computer, they will almost certainly notice this. Continue reading

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