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Troubleshooting CMS Replication

Like most of my other articles, this one comes from a real world scenario I had to solve.  While working with a client, we ran into two front end servers and an edge server that wouldn’t replicate.  The CMS was … Continue reading

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Deploying an Edge Server with Lync

For this article and the next I am going to add an Edge server and an XMPP gateway to an existing Lync environment.  All articles moving forward will be built on the RTM bits of Lync, but to build the … Continue reading

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A Case of the 504s, Revisited

Recently I was working with someone from the technet forums to test their open federation. I added the contact to my list and sent them a message and immediately received the dreaded 504 error in MOC. Since this has been a hot topic on the forums and I see lots of searches landing people here for 504 errors I wanted to share again. I began the troubleshooting process by starting a new debug session on my edge server to grab a SIP trace (see my previous article on the same subject here for more information).

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