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Welcome to Lync!

It’s official; the new name of OCS is Lync! With the name change comes a number of new features including revamped management interfaces (Topology Builder, Deployment Wizard and CSCP) and a Management Shell with tons of great new scripting capabilities.

With all of these new features available, and a new way to deploy I thought it would be fitting to cover deploying a topology. To start things off easy we’ll jump into a single box Standard Edition pool. Over the next few articles I will add layers to this deployment until it resembles what you may want to use in your environment.

Keep in mind the RC is for lab use only; it is not a good idea to install this into your production domain. Also, please read the reference documents here:


Now let’s start with a link to the download:


For this install you’ll need a DC/DNS/CA server (I named mine lyncdc.ocsguy.local), we’ll bypass that portion of the install to keep the article to a reasonable length.

Once you have your Lync Server on the domain we need to install all the pre-requisites:

Here’s a quick ServerManagerCMD script to make that happen, to use this on the Start menu,to use this open a Command Prompt (Run As Administrator) and paste the information below. For formatting purposes copy this into notepad and make sure when wordwrap is unchecked it is all on one line.
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