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Event ID 87 in Exchange 2010 with OCS Integration

Recently while installing Exchange 2010 in a customer environment I ran into an error related to certificates when I tried to enable the OCS integration in OWA. The client had chosen Godaddy as their public CA of choice and as it turns out this played a role in causing the issue. Godaddy used a ” symbol in the issuer field of the certificate. Although it wouldn’t normally matter, it does when you are using that field in an XML config file, like the one used for IM integration with OWA/Exchange 2010. Continue reading


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One way messages with federated partner and ID 504 in Communicator

Since the blog I did on Live Meeting troubleshooting I have seen a lot of queries leading people to the site for troubleshooting OCS. I’ve also seen a ton of questions on the subject on the MS forums. All this has lead me to the conclusion that OCS troubleshooting isn’t that easy to get a handle on. With that in mind I’m writing this post on troubleshooting federation. First and foremost, this article is about troubleshooting a mistake I made during a deployment recently, and if you ask any PSS engineer they will tell you 80% of the problems they face with OCS are based on the same thing: human error/configuration error. As I said in my last troubleshooting post, I’m no expert on troubleshooting OCS, but hopefully this post will help someone out there. As always I encourage you to share your stories and methods if you think they may help someone else.
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A certificate gotcha that got me, again…

As everyone who’s ever looked at OCS knows, you need certificates to make it work. Although certificates aren’t really too difficult once you have the hang of it, they seem to be a tough hurdle for a lot of IT folks to get over. I’m not going to attempt to explain PKI today, but I thought I might share a story about a gotcha that got me, twice. Hopefully my pain (although it was only a few minutes of troubleshooting this time) will help someone else. Continue reading

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I’m no scripting guy….but

While working with Kevin Re, one of my clients at an OCS shop, he shared a very cool script with me and has agreed to allow me to post it online. Kevin’s script queried for the next 5 available phone numbers in an OCS environment and output them on screen; this helped him streamline new user creation. It also dumped all of the OCS users and their extensions into a TXT/CSV that can be used for other company phone number lists. After seeing this script in action I thought it would be great to take this script and expanded on it just a bit. Continue reading

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What to do when your customer’s WAN is actually firewall to firewall VPN’s

Recently I began planning for a centralized deployment of OCS that would sit in one of 6 offices for a client we’ll call Acme Accounts. Acme will start out using OCS for IM, P2P audio/video and Live Meeting; eventually OCS will grow into a full blown enterprise voice solution. The first big hurdle for us when designing Acme’s OCS implementation was their “WAN”, instead of typical MPLS or point to point connections, Acme uses its internet connections and ASA firewalls in each location to create VPNs that allow traffic to route between sites. The latency created by this solution has never been an issue, but voice and video were never running over this connection either. Continue reading

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OCS Patches Released

Today a number of new patches were released including updates for OCSPE (Phone Edition), OCS and Communicator. Included in the Communicator update is a fix for the audio quality issue I wrote about here. As always please test all patches in a non-production environment. Continue reading

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MS09-056 (KB 974571) may break OCS 2007 R2

This morning I had a customer call that had applied patches and OCS wasn’t working. A quick google lead me to :


I uninstalled 974571 for the customer and rebooted and they were back online.

I haven’t done any further testing as of yet, but as this is a big deal I wanted to get the word
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Troubleshooting Live Meeting

During the past few months I’ve had a number of calls to troubleshoot Live Meeting connectivity issues, then earlier this week I worked with someone on the MSDN forums on the same topic. In most cases lately the issues have actually been DNS related, but I’ve also seen firewall and configuration issues cause this. The one common thing I see is most folks don’t know where to begin in troubleshooting their issues. Since this is a common issue, and something I’ve seen a number of search queries lead people to my site on, I thought it would be appropriate to share a few things I do when troubleshooting Live Meeting. Please keep in mind, the things I’m sharing are things that have helped me correct issues, there may be better ways to troubleshoot out there, if you know of one I’d encourage you to share. Continue reading

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Some OCS stats from a live environment

Although most of the blogs I write lean towards the technical side of things, today I was working through some cost savings estimates associated with implementing OCS in our environment at PCMS and I wanted to share. If you following any of the many OCS folks on twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen some other folks post stats like these, so I thought I’d share as well. I’ll start with a little background on our company: Continue reading

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A Handy Link for Testing Certificates

Today while troubleshooting a Live Meeting problem for a client I utilized a very helpful website that I used in the past but forgot about. As the issues appeared to be certificate related I went out to a site I had been too when working with digicert before Continue reading

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