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Some OCS stats from a live environment

Although most of the blogs I write lean towards the technical side of things, today I was working through some cost savings estimates associated with implementing OCS in our environment at PCMS and I wanted to share. If you following any of the many OCS folks on twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen some other folks post stats like these, so I thought I’d share as well. I’ll start with a little background on our company: Continue reading

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Part 3. How’d ya like to trade in that old PBX for a shiny new OCS environment?

On to OCS… There isn’t much to the mediation install, so we’ll skip over that and go right to the mediation configuration. Keep in mind; you want to have 2 separate network interfaces on your mediation server. One will be used to route traffic to the VoIP gateway and the other 2 the data network. Continue reading

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