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Company Wide Speed Dial in OCS

As OCS becomes more popular we find more companies deploying it with diverse needs. During a recent deployment I worked with a client that had over 100 speed dial numbers for various partner companies that they regularly dialed. Each speed dial was a 3 digit number starting with a # (pound/hash symbol), some of the numbers translated to 10 digit dials, others only 6 digits with 4 more digits dialed by the user added to the end. As this was in place with the existing PBX it was important to bring this functionality to OCS as well. After discussing the requirements with the client I used my lab to verify the solution was feasible and consistent to their request. A few minutes of tweaking the normalization rules and I had a plan.

I started with the companies “Location Profile” (in the OCS Snap-in Right click Forest>Properties>Voice Properties), for this example it will be HQ.ocsguy.local:
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Custom Main Menu Prompt Doesn’t Play in Exchange

Recently I was working on an Exchange UM and Cisco Call Manager integration. The company who already owned Exchange E-CALs wanted to upgrade to Exchange 2010, and as part of the process we discussed having Exchange handle the voicemails instead of Cisco Unity which was not supported with Exchange 2010 at the time. Another big advantage was the customer could stop paying the “Cisco Tax” on Unity just by using what they already had in Exchange server and client licensing (over 15k in savings year one).
After a quick configuration of the UM role and the Call Manager we had Unity and Exchange playing nice (reference config here). Test users were moved and things were going as planned up until we tried to configure the Auto Attendants. We took an existing recording and converted it over to a 16bit 8000 HZ PCM WAV file. We then cut the file into 2 pieces, one for the “Business Hours Greeting” and the other for “Business Hours Main Menu”. There was no need for any key mappings as the default operator extension of 0 was already configured. Here is what our auto attendant configuration looked like:
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A workaround for folks experiencing quality issues when using MOC and Vista

After working with Microsoft for the passed few weeks on a significant audio quality issue we have found what’s causing the problem and a good workaround until a fix is released. Continue reading

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An Update to: Forwarding calls to an outside number from Response Groups

Doug L from Microsoft was nice enough to take a look at this issue and point out a possible cause and resolution.  After checking over an environment experiencing the problem I was able to verify his suggestions were right on.  … Continue reading

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Mediation Server Fix to Allow Display Name May Break Outbound Calling…

Let’s start with a statement about this post: THIS IS NOT AN OCS PROBLEM 🙂

With the July hotfix Microsoft introduced the ability to add Display Names sent from the PBX to the toast in MOC.
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Update on the extra ring on Tanjays

From the original article here, the new UCUpdates package released today addresses the issue. Here’s a KB from Microsoft detailing the issue.

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New Updates Released for OCS

For anyone who hasn’t seen them, a number of patches were released today by Microsoft. The patches have actually resolved a number of issues in a production environment I am working in today Continue reading

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