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After lots of time spent writing scripts to automate things in Lync for clients, I’ve decided to share some of my scripts on  Current scripts are listed below (more on the way) and the download link will take you to a skydrive with all of the most recent scripts on it.  All scripts have a transcript function to log results and are digitally signed with a code signing certificate from DigiCert.  Use at your own risk and all that fun legal stuff…

  • OCSGuy_QuickUI – This utility is a GUI based interface for some of the most common things I run into while deploying Lync
  • CreateAnalogDevices – This utility allows you to bulk create analog devices based on an input CSV (included in the ZIP file)
  • StareCompare – This utility allows you to compare various policies within Lync to see differences between them

Download Here


5 Responses to Script Center

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  2. Jeff says:

    Why no command to assign to a dial plan? Also, you should insert a sleep 120 to allow the phone creation to get into SQL PRIOR to assigning it to a voice policy and dial plan. Without the sleep 120 the voice policy does not get applied because they phone is not in sql yet.

    • Kevin Peters says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Definitely could easily add the dial plan if needed, just wasn’t something I did with the script. As far as the sleep, from my testing, the loop to create devices being separated from the loop to assign voice policy was enough time for everything to happen. If that isn’t the case than adding the sleep at line 38 would do the trick.

      Thanks for the feedback!


  3. Jeff says:

    You are absolutely correct Kevin. In my organization though our bulk uploads of analog devices invlove maybe only 1 or 2 phones. If i had 30+ I would not see the need for a pause. I am using the script mainly for standardization as we have over 200 sites. I got it working without any problems. Good Job !

    • Kevin Peters says:

      Jeff, Again thanks for the feedback! If you need any assistance modifying this one please let me know (sounds like you’ve got it though). Also, if there are other tasks you’d like to see scripts for let me know. I have a number of other ones I haven’t shared yet, mostly because of the lack of feedback and being short on time to write the read me’s. But I have had over 1000 downloads of the scripts, so I guess they are at least getting used.



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