Lync Mobility Server Side Bits Available

Quick update, the MCX package is now available from Microsoft.  These bits along with CU4 allow you to turn on Lync mobile client functionality.  The client bits will be available on the appstores/mareketplaces for the phone some time before the end of the year, but I have no inside information on when.

Before deploying the new bits or CU4 in production make sure to test in your lab, read the documentation and update your load balancer configurations (links below).  If time allows and someone else doesn’t beat me to it, I’ll publish an article on the mobility configuration shortly.


Mobility and Autodiscover Services:

Mobility Deployment Guide:

Hardware Load Balancer Requirements for Lync 2010 (Updated for CU4):

Happy patching!


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10 Responses to Lync Mobility Server Side Bits Available

  1. Hi Kevin, i updated my servers with ru4, everything themes to work find… only the push notification does not work!
    Is the service running at Microsoft´s end yet?
    I get the following error: TEST-CSMCXPushNotification : A500 The Server encountered a unexpected internal error


  2. Yehuda says:


    I installed all of the updates when the Android app came out, and I was able to get that working. The iOS app is not able to sign in, however.

    It says “Can’t verify certificate from the server, please contact your support team. ”

    Are there differences in certificate support between Android app and iOS app?

    I have a single front end server, with the same URL used internally and externally.

    My certificate is not from an internal CA, it is issued by GoDaddy for the FQDN of my server.

    • Yehuda says:

      Actually – this was an actual certificate issue! The certificate had expired today but our desktop clients were already logged in, so they were still working.

      However – How can I get the push notifications working? Test-CsMcxPushNotification keeps asking me for an “Access edge Server”. I have just the one standalone server.

      • Kevin Peters says:


        You have to have an edge server for push to work, this is a requirement as the messages back and forth to the push services actually go via edge.


  3. Demerris says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m having an issue getting Lync Mobile to work on my Android. I’ve followed several how to guides and read over the Mobile Logs, Wireshark, Lync Monitoring Reports, Lync Logging Tool Report and the only thing I’ve been able to find so far that points to a direction is in one of my reports, it says my FE server won’t allow the client because it’s not Authorized. I’ve got a wildcard Cert installed on all Lync Boxes from my CA, and I’ve got my CA cert on my droid, and it’s working fine. But no matter what I try I can’t connect externally. I can hit the site, get the json file with the correct url redirection in it. Everything works like it’s supposed to except this. I can connect to wifi internally and it signs right in with no errors. And I know TMG isn’t stopping it because I can hit the urls just fine. The last thing I will mention is the error the client gives “Can’t connect to the server. It might be unavailable. Also please check your network connection, sign-in address and server addresses”. I can access the external site url from my phone through the web browser, so I know my phone has no issues resolving the DNS names and connecting to my server. My sign-in address and server’s are correct because it works internally. Any ideas? They would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been working on this since the Android Mobile Client came out.

  4. Jay says:

    Having the exact same problem as Demerris

  5. When Lync becomes Microsoft Enterprise Voice Communications Server 2013, will you change your name to Microsoft Enterprise Voice Communications Server 2013 Guy? I’m kidding!

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