Lync Backup Service Related Cmdlets Fail

While working on a Lync Server 2013 deployment I ran into an issue with the commands related to the Lync Backup Service:

  • Invoke-CsBackupServiceSync
  • Get-CsBackupServiceStatus

When I ran them I would receive the following error

You don’t have required permission to perform Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) call to backup service instance on computer

After doing some digging I found that the account I was using had been inadvertently been removed from the “RTCUniversalServerAdmins” group.  Once I added the account back and logged out and back in I could now run the commands.  Interestingly enough, if I checked the RBAC roles this command has been assigned to I see “CSAdministrator” and “CSServerAdministrator”, but having those permissions didn’t allow me to run it.  When I checked the technet information for the cmdlets I see RTCUniversalAdmins was required for the Get-CsBackupServiceStatus but not the Invoke-CsBackupServiceSync cmdlet (they both actually need it).

I have emailed the Lync Documentation team for more information and will post back here with any updates.


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  1. This sounds like the issue many others have seen with the CS* RBAC groups versus the RTC* groups. In my understanding, the CS* RBAC groups only grant permissions to run Lync cmdlets remotely (i.e., via Powershell remoting), whereas only the RTC* groups grant permission to run cmdlets locally on Lync servers. Seems this is the behaviour both in Lync Server 2010 and 2013.

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