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Deploying Lync 2013 – Part 2

Today we’ll pick up where we left off in Part 1.  The focus for this part of the article is to add a second Lync Standard Edition Pool for disaster recovery purposes. When we finish the environment, will have two … Continue reading

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Welcome to Lync 2013 – Part 1

As I’ve done with Lync 2010 and OCS 2007 R2 I’ve decided to write an article on how to deploy Lync 2013.  Like in previous years this will be a multi-part post, this being part 1.  However; unlike the previous … Continue reading

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Lync Phone Edition: Connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable

Today I’d like to talk about certificates and a problem that seems to be becoming more and more common with Lync Phone Edition.  The problem is that Lync Phone Edition devices that are tethered receive the message “Connection to Microsoft … Continue reading

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Lync Hardware Load Balancer Monitoring Port

If you are using a hardware load balancer, it will do periodic health checks for Lync to make sure it is distributing the load to servers that are functioning.  Because of the checks, you may end up with a large … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting CMS Replication

Like most of my other articles, this one comes from a real world scenario I had to solve.  While working with a client, we ran into two front end servers and an edge server that wouldn’t replicate.  The CMS was … Continue reading

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Logging on a Lync Enterprise Pool

Building a Lync Enterprise Pool allows you to protect your users and services in the event of hardware or software failure on one (or more) servers in your pool.  While this is great for redundancy, it can make troubleshooting a … Continue reading

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Introducing the OCSGuy_QuickUI

This is a utility I wrote to provide a GUI for common power shell tasks.  This is a version 1 utility and I do expect to update it semi-frequently.  The entire utility is included in a single .ps1 file and … Continue reading

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Pending File Rename Registry Key Causes Lync/SQL Install to Halt

I’ve run into this one a few times, so I figured I’d share my experience.  During the “Prepare First Standard Edition Wizard” the installer says “The server must be restarted before installation can continue”.   I’ve also seen this same error … Continue reading


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Adding More than 10 Distribution Lists to the Lync Contact List

Just like in OCS with Lync you can add distribution lists to your contact list.  However, there is a default limitation on how many groups you can add to your list.  In Lync and OCS that limit is 10, which … Continue reading

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